Okamoto Saeko

After graduating from university, she worked at an international organization in Switzerland and a foreign PR consulting company. She resigned after getting married to focus on raising her children, experiencing various roles such as entrance exam preparation, PTA chairperson, caring for her father, and living in the United States (Boston).

It was when she built her own home that she became interested in interior design. Her kitchen was featured in specialized kitchen magazines and manufacturer catalogs, leading to increased inquiries to the manufacturer and some of her specifications becoming their standard.

Seeking specialized knowledge, she attended the Machida Hiroko Interior Academy and won the Instructor’s Award while studying. She started her interior coordination service while still a student.

After working at a custom furniture store, she founded On Your Canvas Co., Ltd. There, she handles interior coordination for private residences, renovation, specifying new home construction, and corporate projects such as store renovations and office designs, from design to construction.

She is particularly renowned for incorporating overseas tastes and art into her interiors. She is also proficient in English.

Her hobbies include traveling, camping, art appreciation, golf, and watching Korean dramas. She is the mother of two daughters in junior high and elementary school, and a cat.

Qualifications & Education

・Interior Coordinator
・Kitchen Master
・Art Lifestyle Stylist Master
・Condominium Renovation Advisor
・Architectural Color Planner
・Graduate of Machida Hiroko Interior Academy

Courses, Lectures

・Art Course (How to Buy, Enjoy, Handle, and Display Art)
・Lecture at the Kitchen Academy

Media Appearances & Publications