Customer Testimonials

Mrs. N, Tokyo (Female, 40s)
I was able to smoothly realize the living room of my dreams because the coordinator quickly summarized my requests and made it easy to imagine the balance of colors and sizes with pictures.

While I initially wanted to incorporate all of my ideas, I realized that it would be too much, and the coordinator expertly balanced and subtracted elements, which I appreciated.

Now, the living room has become a very comfortable space and naturally the place where my family gathers.

Mrs. N, Tokyo (Female, 40s)

The coordinator understood my favorite tastes, selected furniture from various stores, and expanded my choices.

It was also great that they suggested things that I hadn’t noticed were missing in my home, such as storage, rugs, and stands.

Mrs. O, Tokyo (Female, 40s)
The coordinator carefully checked the finish of the craftsmen’s work and took responsibility for each process, such as requesting the craftsmen to redo any flaws they found, so everything went smoothly without stress.

Mrs. M, Tokyo (Female, 40s)
They selected lighting that we couldn’t have found ourselves, and we are very satisfied because many visitors praise the lighting.

Mrs. S, Tokyo (Female, 40s)
From the many samples brought, I received advice from various perspectives, such as how they looked up close or from a distance, while matching them with the actual sofa.

Most importantly, I was able to enjoy choosing together.