Services & Fees

Creating Interior Spaces Starting from the Kitchen

We provide a one-stop solution for both a kitchen that enhances household efficiency and an interior surrounded by lovely aesthetics, allowing work, childcare, and household chores to proceed smoothly.

▶What You Can Achieve with This Service
•Reduce household stress with carefully planned living flow.
•Shorten household chores with large dishwashers and built-in ovens.
•Encourage family members to help naturally with an easy-to-use kitchen.
•Achieve a cost-effective kitchen renovation that you once thought was impossible.
•Enjoy a cozy living space surrounded by your favorite interior designs.
•Create an environment where you can not only cook but also work or monitor your children’s learning.
•Give mothers more free time to relax and smile.
•Make it easier for fathers to participate in household chores, creating a peaceful family atmosphere.

▶Service Details
•Setting interior image and concept according to your preferences
•Proposal for kitchen plans and interior designs for the living-dining space within your budget
•Guidance on surface materials, faucets, built-in dishwashers, and furniture showrooms
•Supervision of construction, attendance at kitchen and furniture deliveries

*The plan fee varies depending on your requirements, room size, and the condition of the building. Please consult with us first.
*The price of the kitchen depends on the surface materials and equipment used. For a typical kitchen including a large dishwasher and faucet, expect an average of around 2.5 to 3.5 million yen.
*If the location is more than an hour away from our office in Denenchofu, a separate travel fee will be charged.

Interior Coordination

We propose and realize a high-quality and timeless space with furniture and lighting in your favorite colors and textures.

▶ What You Can Achieve with This Service
•Once the image, concept, and colors for your home are determined, you can easily add to your interior without confusion.
• By incorporating colors effectively, you can achieve a harmonious and unified space.
• Receive art suggestions.
• Receive suggestions for furniture with stories, allowing you to use them for a long time with affection.
• Receive suggestions for items you may not notice or be able to find yourself.
• Achieve a comfortable living space without stress through a one-stop service, so you don’t have to give up on interior design even when busy.
• Receive suggestions for functional and cost-effective products, allowing you to use them with peace of mind even with children or pets.

▶Service Details
• Consultation
• Proposal (concept, image, color plan, furniture, art suggestions, etc.)
• Accompaniment to showrooms
• Ordering, schedule management, and communication with manufacturers for scheduled deliveries
• Attendance at deliveries
• Aftercare

*We do not provide a list of products only.
*Products within the adopted plan will be purchased from us.
*If the location is more than an hour away from our office in Denenchofu, a separate travel fee will be charged.
*If necessary, we can also handle wallpaper, electrical work, and other construction services.
*The fee is per square meter of the plan. Please pay in advance at the time of application.
*7,000 yen per 1㎡
*Minimum fee: 150,000 yen (excluding tax)