Approach to Homebuilding: Designing Interior Spaces Starting from the Kitchen – Colors and Materials

The combination of reclaimed wood kitchen elements and matte black cabinets felt very refreshing to me. However, since my house was newly built, using reclaimed wood would seem out of place. Therefore, I decided to mimic this color scheme.

When I consulted with a custom kitchen maker, they mentioned that they could create similar colors using melamine material. They also had matte black framed doors.

At the time, I wasn’t even familiar with the term “melamine,” but I learned that it’s resistant to heat, moisture, oil stains, discoloration, and minor dirt can be wiped away easily. It’s also durable and cost-effective, with a wide range of color options. So, I had the kitchen body and peninsula made with melamine in a color similar to reclaimed wood, and I chose matte black painted framed doors for the tall cabinets.

While painting the frames adds a sense of luxury, it also makes them more prone to getting dirty, so I opted for cabinets with handles. Using only melamine might have resulted in a too natural finish or a cheap feel, as it’s not real wood. Likewise, an all-matte finish might have made the kitchen too heavy and less functional. By combining both, I believe I achieved a balance of functionality and design.

This combination has become a reality in my kitchen.

The combination of melamine and matte black.

I believe the custom kitchen maker was somewhat skeptical about this unprecedented combination at first. However, it turned out to be the right decision, as it led to our kitchen being featured in the specialized kitchen magazine “REAL KITCHEN INTERIOR.” Afterwards, our kitchen was also included in the custom kitchen maker’s case studies, and they received more inquiries. I never imagined that a kitchen I created based on personal taste would lead to such delightful bonuses.

This kitchen, crafted with various scenes in mind, continues to be a source of joy and remains an essential part of our home’s design. It’s become a cherished space that we never tire of.