Interior Design Case Study

Living Dining

We custom-made storage units, a TV board, and a study area for the living room. Indirect lighting was installed in various places, creating a completely different atmosphere between day and night. Mirrors were also applied to the pillars to create a sense of spaciousness in the room.

Mansion Reform

A customer who was struggling with storage in their apartment requested our assistance. We created floor-to-ceiling storage shelves and a writing desk along the wall.


This setup allows for ample storage of toys and books, with a desk available for small tasks. The use of a modular storage system ensures excellent cost performance.


The color scheme chosen blends well with the text space, so even though it’s a large storage solution, it doesn’t feel imposing.


I selected the lighting for a villa in Karuizawa. The proposal was made solely based on the drawings. The fixtures blend well with the large, open living space with many windows.