Milan Salone – First Day

After a 5-hour flight from Doha and a 1-hour and 30-minute bus ride, I finally arrived at my hotel. Fortunately, there were no issues with lost baggage or other troubles, and I checked in smoothly.

Since I had no particular plans for the day, I immediately went out for dinner. Since it was far to go into Milan city, I opted for a nearby restaurant within walking distance from the hotel. Instead of Italian food, I had a hamburger with beer (again, haha).

The next day, I headed off to the long-awaited Salone. It took an hour by train and metro. The station near the venue was packed with people. Including myself, everyone seemed excited. After passing through a long underground passage and taking an escalator to the ground level, a familiar scene spread out before me.

Unlike the Makuhari Messe in Japan, the venue truly reflects its Italian flair—everything is stylish! Along the main street, there were shops where you could enjoy champagne and sweets, as well as enormous sculptures and relaxing green spaces. Despite the business purpose, the venue was designed to be enjoyable to walk around.

For lunch, there were salads, sandwiches, and restaurants where you could sit and relax. Even if there were no available seats, you could eat outside, so there was no need for reservations, and I didn’t have to worry about lunch (though I brought a banana for breakfast just in case, haha).

For the inspection tour, we divided into two groups to visit several pre-booked venues. Next, I will share what that experience was like.