Sophisticated Custom Kitchen and Cozy Living Room (Meguro-ku, Tokyo)

Project information

Type: Condo Renovation
Location:Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Total Floor Area:
Planning Period:3 months
Construction Period:2 months

Construction Details
Custom kitchen, open storage, floating TV board, lighting coordination changes, layout alterations, etc.



A customer who purchased a relatively new, second-hand condominium in Meguro, Tokyo, requested a renovation of the LDK area.

The LDK space was not very large, so we designed a compact custom kitchen. It is divided into a section for washing food and another for cooking, allowing two people to work in the kitchen without getting in each other’s way. To enable dining in the kitchen, we created a counter area and also included original high chairs.

The customer had a great sense of style, so we installed open storage to display their belongings such as small items. Since they couldn’t find a TV board they liked at furniture stores, we suggested a floating TV board. This resulted in a chic and modern LDK space.