A simple LDK with a stainless steel custom kitchen, enjoying the morning sun (Akashi City, Hyogo)

Project information

Type:New Construction Detached House
Location:Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture
Total Floor Area:
Planning Period:3 months
Construction Period:2 months

Construction Details
Custom Kitchen, Storage Furniture, Lighting Coordination

Countertop: Stainless Steel with Vibration Finish
Sink: Custom Sink
Faucet: Cera
Dishwasher: Asko
Gas Cooktop and Oven: Harman
Range Hood: H&H
Counter Chairs: Custom




The request was for planning and designing the kitchen, storage, and other areas of the first-floor living, dining, and kitchen (LDK) in a new construction. The clients had just had a baby and wanted a plan and design that would allow for easy child-rearing and a harmonious family life.

The kitchen was custom-made entirely of stainless steel for hygiene. To prevent cooking odors and grease from spreading into the living area, the gas cooktop was installed on the wall side. The island side was designed with a spacious work space and an original sink with a detergent pocket. An ASKO large-capacity dishwasher was also installed to significantly reduce the burden of washing dishes. The kitchen counter also serves as a dining counter, and custom high chairs were chosen. Since the LDK receives pleasant morning sunlight, the kitchen storage was also designed in white to create a pleasant and timeless LDK space.






Kitchen & Stairs